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Dayglosol dyes are used extensively in fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, and wax coloration applications. These highly-concentrated heat-stable colorants, available in liquid and powder form, are soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbon-based oil and lubricants. Their high concentration allows the formulator to use minimal amounts of dye thereby causing no change to the product’s original physical characteristics. In addition, their stability to high heat makes them a good match for lubricants, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and grease. Some lubricants are water-based and would require our water-soluble dyes or possibly pigments.

The fluorescent Dayglosol dyes are used for leak detection in engines and hydraulic systems, and oil/water path detection in oil-field applications.Petroleum applications include gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel, biodiesel, fuel additives, heating oil, and kerosene. Wax applications include candles, shoe polish, coatings, parrafin, lamp oils, and beeswax.

Products' Name Color C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents
Dayglosol Yellow G Solvent Yellow 2 11020 (KKK) Orient Oil Yellow GG
Dayglosol Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 16 12700 (BASF) Orient Oil Yellow 146
Dayglosol Yellow 2G Solvent Yellow 56 11021 (BASF) Sudan Yellow 150
Dayglosol Orange R Solvent Yellow 14 12055 (BASF) Orient Oil Yellow 220
Dayglosol Scarlet G Solvent Red 23 26100 (HDC)Elbasol Red P
Dayglosol Red 2B Solvent Red 24 26105 (BASF) Sudan M Red 380
Dayglosol Red 5B Solvent Red 27
Dayglosol Violet B Solvent Violet 13 60725 (BASF) Sicosty Red Blue 68-405
Dayglosol Violet P Solvent Violet 14
Dayglosol Blue B Solvent Blue 35 61554 (BASF) Sodan Blue 670
Dayglosol Blue 2B Solvent Blue 36 61551 (BASF) Sodan Blue FB
Dayglosol Green 5B Solvent Green 3 61565 (BASF) Alizarine Green Base
Dayglosol Green BG
Dayglosol Black HB Solvent Black 3 (BASF) Neptun Black X 60

Dayglonol Solvent Liquid Dyes

We are offering liquid dyes and liquid Dayglonol dyes in different designs, shapes as per the specific requirements of clients. These liquid dyes are extensively used for making spirit inks, lacquers, distemper, ink for soaps, wood stains, plastic, rubber, wood gloss finish etc. These liquid dyes are formulated in tandem with the international quality standards and are sourced from reliable manufacturers in the market. Additionally, these dyes generally have syntheses and properties and thus available to clients in many colours as per their requirements.

Products'Name Colour C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents

Dayglonol Yellow 14


Solvent Yellow 107

  Novasol Yellow 107

Dayglonol Yellow 19


Solvent Yellow 124

  Sudan Marker 455

Dayglonol Orange 14


Solvent Orange 98

  Unisol Liquid Yellow DR

Dayglonol Red 7


Solvent Red 175

  Fluorescent Color 131

Dayglonol Red 13


Solvent Red 19E

  Novasol Red RN

Dayglonol Red 14


Solvent Red 161

  Dyegiiard Red 161

Dayglonol Blue 35




Dayglonol Blue 98




Dayglonol Blue 79




Dayglonol Orange 2B




Dayglonol Orange 107




Dayglonol Orange 98




Dayglonol Deep Green




Dayglonol Blends




Dayglonol Red 161




Dayglonol Red 19E




Dayglonol Red 164




Dayglonol Yellow 107




Dayglonol Yellow 174




Dayglonol Yellow 124




Dayglonol Green 33




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