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Dayglosol Solvent dyes are used extensively in fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, wax, and plastics coloration applications. These highly-concentrated heat-stable colorants, available in liquid and powder form, are soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbon-based oil and lubricants. Their high concentration allows the formulator to use minimal amounts of dye thereby causing no change to the product’s original physical characteristics.In addition, their stability to high heat makes them a good match for lubricants, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and grease. Some lubricants are water-based and would require our water- soluble dyes or possibly pigments. The fluorescent Dayglosol solvent are used for leak detection in engines and hydraulic systems, and oil/water path detection in oil-field applications. Petroleum applications include gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel, biodiesel, fuel additives, heating oil, and kerosene. Wax applications include candles, shoe polish, coatings, parrafin, lamp oils, and beeswax. Plastics applications include SAN, ABS, PLA, PET, acrylic, polystyrenes, polycarbonates, nylon polyamides, and other polymers & resins .

Products'Name Colour C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents
Daygloplast Yellow DM Solvent Yellow 2 Waxol Yellow DM
Daygloplast Orange AB   Solvent Yellow 14 12055 Orient Oil Yellow 220
Daygloplast Yellow 16 Solvent Yellow 16 12700 Orient Oil Yellow 146
Daygloplast Yellow 4Gs Solvent Yellow 33 47000 Oplas Yellow 136
Daygloplast Yellow GG Solvent Yellow 43 Simpsol Lemon Yellow 24760
Daygloplast Fluorescent Y. 44 Solvent Yellow 44 Oil Yellow 6G
Daysperse Yellow 64 Disperse Yellow 64 47023 Foron Yellow SE-3GL
Daygloplast Yellow OAP Solvent Yellow 72 Oil Yellow 72
Daysperse Yellow 82 Disperse Yellow 82 18965 Yellow 157
Daygloplast Yellow 6G Solvent Yellow 93 - Thernoplast Yellow 104
Daygloplast Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 98 Hostasol Yellow 3G
Daygloplast Yellow 10 G Solvent Yellow 109 Zapon Fast Fire Red B
Daygloplast Yellow G Solvent Yellow 114 Macrolex Yellow G
Daygloplast Flavine FG Solvent yellow 116 Kayaset Flavin FG
Daygloplast Marker 455 Solvent Yellow 124 Sudan Marker 455
Daygloplast Yellow 8GF Solvent Yellow 145 Oracet Yellow 8GF
Daygloplast Yellow 2G Solvent Yellow 157 Zapon Yellow 157
Daygloplast Yellow 10GN Solvent Yellow 160:1 55165 Yellow 10 GN
Daygloplast Yellow GHS Solvent Yellow 163 Waxoline Yellow 5RRFW
Daygloplast Naviplast Y. TG Solvent Yellow 167 Polysolve Yellow 167
Daygloplast Yellow 6G Solvent Yellow 172 Fluorescent Yellow AA223
Daygloplast Yellow 172 Solvent Yellow 174 Sudan Yellow 172
Daygloplast Yellow 8G Solvent Yellow 185 Oil Yellow 1OG
Daygloplast Orange 7 Solvent Orange 7 12140 Sudan Orange RR
Daysperse Orange 25 Disperse O. 25 22135 Intrasil Orange 2GR
Daysperse Billiant Orange PG Disperse O. 47 Resolin Billiant Orange PG
Daygloplast Orange 3G Solvent Orange 60 Macrolex Orange 3G
Daygloplast Orange F2G Solvent Orange 63 Polysolve Orange 63
Daygloplast Orange R Solvent O. 105 Kenawax Orange VIP
Daygloplast Red 1 Solvent Red 1 12150 Waxol Red G
Dayvat Pink R Vat Red 1 73360 Vat Pink R
Daygloplast Red 20-48 Solvent Red 23 26100 Elbasol Red P
Daygloplast Red OB Solvent Red 24 26105 Sudan M Red 380
Dayvat Red 5B Vat Red 41 Permavat red 5B
Daygloplast Red 49 Solvent Red 49 45170:1 Waxol Red RBB
Daygloplast Red 5B Solvent Red 52 Macrolex Red 5B
Daysperse Red 60 Disperse Red 60 60756 Baso Red 546
Daygloplast Red 10 Solvent Red 68 Morfast Red 101
Daygloplast Red KMA Solvent Red 111 60505 Waxoline Red MP EW
Daygloplast Red GHS Solvent Red 135 Oplas Red 330
Daygloplast Red DC Solvent Red 164 Automate Red DC
Daygloplast Red KLB Solvent Red 168 Perox Red 46
Daygloplast Moiplas Red 32 Solvent Red 169 Perox Red 32
Daygloplast Red 2GH Solvent Red 172 Waxoline Rubine RA
Daygloplast Red OR Solvent Red 179 Oplas Red 338
Daygloplast Red T Solvent Red 207 Oil Red 207
Daygloplast Red 20-47 Solvent Red 227 Oil Red 227
Daysperse Violet 1 Disperse Violet 1 61100 Disperse Violet RHA
Daygloplast Violet 8 Solvent Violet 8 42535:1 Baso Violet 608
Daygloplast Violet 10B Solvent Violet 9 Waxololine Violet 10B
Daygloplast Violet B Solvent Violet 13 60725 Sicosty Red Blue 68-405
Daygloplast Violet A Solvent Violet 14 61705 Amaplast Violet PT
Daysperse Violet 26 Disperse Violet 26 62025 Rosaplast Violet E 4R
Daygloplast Violet FBL Solvent Violet 37 Sandoplast Violet FBL
Daygloplast Violet 3B Solvent Violet 38 Perox Blue Whitener 3B
Daygloplast Blue VBB Solvent Blue 4 Waxol Blue VBB
Daygloplast Blue 35 Solvent Blue 35 61554 Sodan Blue 670
Daygloplast Brilliant Blue MIP Solvent Blue 36 61551 Sodan Blue FB
Daygloplast Solvent Blue 43 Solvent Blue 43 Kpv Blue
Daygloplast Blue 2EP Solvent Blue 58 Calco Oil Blue V
Daygloplast Brilliant BlueMEA Solvent Blue 59 Calco Oil Blue N
Daysperse Blue 60 Disperse Blue 60 61104 Terasil Blue BGE 200%
Daygloplast Blue 40-93 Solvent Blue 68 Oracet Blue 2R
Daygloplast Blue B Solvent Blue 79 Sudan Blue B
Daygloplast 9G Solvent Blue 98 Automate Blue 9G
Daygloplast Blue Morplas B. E Solvent Blue 101 Hytherm Blue E
Daygloplast Blue 2GP Solvent Blue 102 Oil Blue R
Daygloplast Blue BB Solvent Blue 104 Sandoplast Blue 2B
Daygloplast Blue RR Solvent Blue 122 Polysynthren Blue R
Daygloplast Blue 2R Solvent Blue 128 Polysolve Blue 128
Daygloplast Green B Solvent Green 3 61565 Alizarine Green Base
Daygloplast Green F6G Solvent Green 5 Thermoplast F Yellow 084
Daygloplast Yellow 211 Solvent Green 7 Luminol 211
Daygloplast Green G Solvent Green 28 Macrolex Green G
Daygloplast Green 5 Solvent Green 32 Automate Green 5
Daygloplast Green MLG Solvent Green 33 Somalia Green MLG
Daygloplast Black B Solvent Black 3 Neptun Black X60
Daygloplast Black 7 Solvent Black 7 50415:1 Oil Nigrosine
Daygloplast Ink Black C Solvent Black 46 Morfast Ink Black C
Dayvat Brown 1 Vat Brown 1 70800 Sandothrene Liquid Brown NBR

Daygloplast Golden Yellow GR

Daypigment Yellow 196


Daygloplast Orange 3G

Solvent Orange 60

  Dikai Solvent Orange 60

Daygloplast Orange G

Solvent Orange 86

  SudanS Orange 261

Daygloplast Orange R

Solvent Orange 105

  Naviplast Orange R

Daygloplast Red GP

Solvent Red 212

  Polysynthren Red GG

Daygloplast Orange 3rlp

Daypigment Orange 70


Daygloplast Brown R

Solvent Brown 53

  Polysynthren Brown R

Daygloplast Violet G

Solvent Violet 49

  Polysynthren Violet G

Daygloplast Golden Yellow GR

Daypigment Yellow 196


Daygloplast Blue GN

Solvent Blue 67

  Technosol Blue GN

Daygloplast Red BBP

Solvent Red 195


Dayglonol Solvent Liquid Dyes

We are offering liquid dyes and liquid Dayglonol dyes in different designs, shapes as per the specific requirements of clients. These liquid dyes are extensively used for making spirit inks, lacquers, distemper, ink for soaps, wood stains, plastic, rubber, wood gloss finish etc. These liquid dyes are formulated in tandem with the international quality standards and are sourced from reliable manufacturers in the market. Additionally, these dyes generally have syntheses and properties and thus available to clients in many colours as per their requirements.

Products'Name Colour C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents

Dayglonol Yellow 14


Solvent Yellow 107

  Novasol Yellow 107

Dayglonol Yellow 19


Solvent Yellow 124

  Sudan Marker 455

Dayglonol Orange 14


Solvent Orange 98

  Unisol Liquid Yellow DR

Dayglonol Red 7


Solvent Red 175

  Fluorescent Color 131

Dayglonol Red 13


Solvent Red 19E

  Novasol Red RN

Dayglonol Red 14


Solvent Red 161

  Dyegiiard Red 161

Dayglonol Blue 35

  Solvent Blue 35    

Dayglonol Blue 98

  Solvent Blue 98    

Dayglonol Blue 79

  Solvent Blue 79    

Dayglonol Orange 2B




Dayglonol Orange 107

  Solvent Orange 107    

Dayglonol Orange 98

  Solvent Orange 98    

Dayglonol Deep Green




Dayglonol Blends




Dayglonol Red 161

  Solvent Red 161    

Dayglonol Red 19E




Dayglonol Red 164

  Solvent Red 164    

Dayglonol Yellow 107

  Solvent Yellow 107    

Dayglonol Yellow 174

  Solvent Yellow 174    

Dayglonol Yellow 124

  Solvent Yellow 124    

Dayglonol Green 33

  Solvent Green 33    

Metal complex Solvent Dyes

Dayglopon Metal Complex Solvent Dyes are solvent soluble, metal complex dyes of high quality for use in the inks and coating industries. These products offer superior solubility in organic solvent systems. In addition to this standard product line we also offer many other specialty solvent dyes as well as custom formulated blends, please contact us with any questions.

Wood Stains, Industrial and Architectural Coatings, Hot Stamp and Foil Coatings.

Dayglopon C.I Name Colour Fastness Equivalants
Light Heat Acid Alkali
Dayglopon Yellow 2RLS Solvent Yellow 62 7-8 A A A Savinyi Yellow 2RLS
Dayglopon Yellow GG Solvent Yellow 79 7-8 A A A Savinyi Yellow 2GLS 01
Dayglopon Yellow R Solvent Yellow 82 7-8 A A A Neozapon Yellow R
Dayglopon Yellow GL Solvent Yellow 90 6-7 A A A Navipon Yellow GL
Dayglopon Yellow 2RL Solvent Yellow 43 6-7 A A A Optisaol Yellow 2RL
Dayglopon Orange G Solvent Yellow 11 7-8 A A A Orasol Orange G
Dayglopon Yellow 2R Solvent Orange 45 7-8 A A A Valifast Yellow 3108
Dayglopon Orange RE Solvent Orange 54 6-7 A A A Zapon Orange 251
Dayglopon Orange RL Solvent Orange 58 6-7 A A A Sandocryl Orange CRL
Daygloplast Yellow 6G Solvent Yellow 93 7-8 A A A Savinyi Yellow 2RLS
Dayglopon Orange R Solvent Orange 62 6-7 A A A Savinyl orange RLSE
Dayglopon Orange R Solvent Orange 99 6-7 A A A Neozapon Orange R
Dayglopon Red 2BLSE Solvent Red 8 6-7 >A A >A Zapon Fast Red BE
Dayglopon Red 2BLSE Solvent Red 8 7-8 A A A Savinyi Red 2BLSE
Dayglopon F Red GLS Solvent Red 89 7-8 A A A Savinyl Fire Red GLS
Dayglopon Red 3BLSE Solvent Red 91 7-8 A A A Savinyl Red 3BLSE
Dayglopon F Red G Solvent Red 119 6-7 A A A Neopen Red 355
Dayglopon Red B Solvent Red 122 6-7 A A A Zapon Red 335
Dayglopon Red B Solvent Red 122 7-8 A A A Orasol Red BL/Savinyl Red 4GLS
Dayglopon Pink 5BLG Solvent Red 127 7-8 A A A Savinyl pink 6BLS
Dayglopon Red 2BL Solvent Red 132 6-7 A A A Navipon Red BL
Dayglopon Red FB Solvent Red 160 6-7 A A A Neopen Red 365
Dayglopon Pink FBW Solvent Red 218 4-5 A B B Valifast Pink 2310N
Dayglopon Brown GLS Mixture 4-5 A B B Savinyl Bropwn GLS
Dayglopon Brown 5R Mixed 5-6 A A A
Dayglopon Brown 2RL Solvent Brown 43 5-6 A A A Navipon Brown 2RL
Dayglopon Blue 2GLN Solvent Blue 48 2-3 B B B Savinyi Yellow 2RLS
Dayglopon Blue 3G Solvent Blue 70 4-5 B A A Neopen Blue 807
Dayglopon Black RE Solvent Black 27 7-8 A A A Neozapon black X/55 Black NS
Dayglopon Black RL Solvent Black 29 6-7 A A A Neozapon black X/55 Black RLI
Dayglopon Black B Solvent Black 34 6-7 A A A Zapon Fast Black B
Dayglopon Black RLSN Solvent Black 45 6-7 A A A Savinyl Black RLSN
Dayglopon Dark Violet R Acid Violet 66 6-7 A A A Savinyl Dark Violet

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