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34 Years of Industry Experience

Dayglo Color Corporation is headquartered in Mumbai (India) is among the fastest growing companies in the field of Dyes, Pigments & Intermediates. The company was incorporated in1983 and is now 9001:2008 accredited organizations.


Dayglo Color Corporation is dedicated to creating value for its customers by constantly improving the quality and consistency of its products, most of them tailored individually to the specific business requirements. We know our chemical and the chemistry of business.

We are environment friendly and concern for health, safety is an integral part of Dayglo Color Corporation business policy.

Dayglo Color Corporation offers customized products and thoughtful solutions to our global customers.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Indian exporter of Acid, Basic, Direct, Reactive, Solvent Dyes and Ultramarine Blue & other Pigments which is widely used in Textile, Paint, Leather, Paper, Plastics, Petroleum, Foodstuffs, Coatings & Smoke Dyes and Ink Industries.

Our State -of-art Manufacturing Facility

Our Manufacturing Plant is situated at Tarapur, near Mumbai, which is Ultra-modern and Eco friendly. We have in-house testing facilities to control quality at every level of manufacturing, which helps us to have quality control of our products. Due to these reasons we have acquired and retained a status of largest manufacturer and supplier in Western India supplying to local and International Market for last 32 years.

We understand that you have been dealing & consuming Dyes and Pigments we therefore would be keen to offer our products to you on regular basis. We look forward to your favourable reply to have long term business relation.

The Pivotal Role of Agents

Dayglo Range of Dyestuffs, Dyes Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals & Textile Enzymes from India Agents hold a very important place and play a pivotal role in successful marketing of our quality dyestuffs all over the world. It is our agent who contacts the textile, leather, paper and dyeing houses. Offer our products, prices and establish business relationship with the end users on our behalf. Most of our agents are working with us since more than 5 years quite efficiently. We work closely with each other and have a bond so strong and firm, both of us are confident and assured that our business would never have any problems or misunderstandings. We always keep "Close" contact by personal meetings, telephone, fax and e-mails. Our agents are a true example of loyalty, efficiency and success.

We provide our best support in terms of:

  • Quality Dyestuffs & Dyes Intermediates
  • Competitive Prices
  • Correct Remuneration for their efforts
  • Most Prompt Communication
  • Support in terms of Goodwill and Reliability

They in turn provide us with:

  • Long term and Bulk quantity business orders
  • Success in Regular and New Markets
  • Correct and Reliable market information
  • Warehousing Facilities in their markets
  • Loyalty and Co-operation

We welcome agents in all parts of the world with open arms to contact and to work with us for successful and fruitful marketing of our products in their countries. We certainly believe that if you are an agent of Dyestuff, you can sincerely join hands with us and work for mutual benefit. You can contact us with your working ideas and strategies.

Speciality Products Required
Also We Can Undertake Marketing Of Overseas Principals For Speciality Products -
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