Ultramarine Blue

  • Ultramarine Pigments maintain the dimensional stability of polyolefins and other polymers so that warping and shrinking do not take place.
  • Compatible and suitable for all kinds of polymers, from polyolefins to engineering polymers, including rubber as well.
  • Ultramarine Blue is not only used to provide a reddish blue shade or to whiten polymers, but also to provide a blue undertone to grey and black plastic parts.
  • Ultramarine Violet might be even more adequate than Ultramarine Blue to reduce the yellowish tendency of some resins and to provide a brightener white.
Packaging films, Construction films, Agricultural films, Kitchen ware, Paper & Cardboard coatings, Cable&Wires, Bags, Pipes
Pipes, Bottle Crates, General Packaging, Bottles, Bags, Caps
Packaging films, Fibers, General Packaging, Automotives, House Appliances, Garden Furniture
General Packaging, Electric&Electronic Appliances, House Appliances
Automotive, Electric&Electronic Appliances e.g. telephones, computer cases, toys
Fibers, Construction Pannels, Boats
Bottles, General Packaging, Fibers, Packaging film
Engineering Polymers e.g. PC, PBT, Acetal/POM
Piezas de Automoción, Piezas de Equipos Eléctricos/Electrónicos, Envases, Botellas
Thermosetting Resins (Epoxi, Phenolics, Urea & Melamine formaldehyde)
Decorative coatings, Protective coatings, Tools, Electric&Electronic Appliances, House and Kitchen ware

Colorants, Optical Whiteners and Additives for Plastic Industry

Colours add life to life-style

The plastic industry all over the world is growing very strongly. With day-to-day advancement and technological developments, it has become indispensable. To say that plastics have revolutionized the modern world is an understatement

During the last three decades, the end use applications of plastics have risen manifold; in such diverse fields as packing, aviation, construction, telecommunications ,transportation, chemicals, electronics, automobiles, agriculture, irrigation etc. apart from wide range of consumer goods and consumer durable.

Along with advancement and growth in production and applications, choosing appropriate colour/pigment has become a matter of great concern for plastic processors.

Plastic processors are now looking for suppliers of colours and additives, who do not only dump their products but also can help them improving marketability of their finished products by offering right colourants with supportive technical guidance.

We introduce ourselves as an important landmark in this search.We are in the field of plastic colours and additives for many years. With intense in-house research and hard work, we have developed a number of colours and additives for plastics industry.

Major Fields of Applications

  • Ready matched pigments :
    Homogenous pigments marketed by various manufacturers offer very limited range of colour shades. Combination of suitable pigments in appropriate proportions offer wide range of shades, with richer effects and ease out problem of colour matching.
  • Wide range of transparent colours with excellent fastness properties, especially suitable for engineering plastics such as ABS, PC, and nylon.
  • Heat stable Fluorescent colours for household articles, toys, stationery items and also Engineering Plastics.
  • Colours for PVC flexible pipes, films, HD/PP/nylon monofilaments, PP household mats etc.
  • White pigments with excellent whiteness and gloss.
  • Optical whiteners for various applications in powder and liquid form.
  • Tailor-made shades for bulk requirements.
  • Hammertone effect colourants.
  • Solvent soluble colours for coating of footwear, toys, leather clothe presentation articles etc.
  • Valuable technical guidance to solve day to day problem regarding colouration of plastics.

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