Dayvat Vat Dyes

Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only as colours vary with individual monitors and therefore cannot be guaranteed as accurate. Vat dyes are those dyes which are applied to the substrate in reduced, soluble form and then oxidize to the original insoluble pigment. Common vat dyes are quinonic dyes and particularly common are anthraquinones and indigoids. These dyes are essentially insoluble in water and incapable of dyeing fibres directly. However, reduction in alkaline liquor produces the water soluble alkali metal salt of the dye. In this leuco form these dyes have an affinity for the textile fibre. Subsequent oxidation reforms the original insoluble dye. Most vat dyes are less suitable than, say, fiber reactive dyes, for the home dyers, as they are difficult to work with; they require a reducing agent to solubilize them.

Indigo is an example of this dye class. Vat dye is obtained through oxidation. It is usually very bright and will hold up better when bleached than most other dyes. The process is very colorfast in all respects. This is an expensive procedure and is used mainly on high-end products. Vat dyes include the natural dyestuff, indigo, and the artificial dyes called by the trade names, indanthrene, and flavanthrene. They are called vat dyes because, being originally insoluble in water, they undergo special preparation in large vats before the cloth is introduced; here they are made soluble, usually by the adding of caustic soda and hyposulphite. In this mixture or dye liquor the textiles are soaked. Certain chemicals are thereafter added, changing the dyestuff back to the insoluble form in the cloth or fiber. This is called the fixing process.

All the vat dyes are fast, especially to washing. The artificial vat dyes have in many instances taken the places of the older mordant dyes, and their future seems promising, for they are cheaper and easier to apply than the mordants, although not so cheap and convenient as the direct dyes. Both cotton and wool, as well as other fibers, can be dyed with vat dyes. "Vat dyeing" means dyeing in a bucket or vat. It can be done whenever a solid even shade, the same color over the entire garment, is wanted, using almost any dye, including fiber reactive dye, direct dye, acid dye, etc. The opposite of vat dyeing is direct dye application, such as, for example, tie dyeing. "Vat dyes" are a special class of dyes that work with a special chemistry.

Dayvat Indigosol Vat
Dayglo range of vat dyes are complex derivatives of anthraquinone and have all round fastness properties when applied to cellulosic textiles. They are commercially available in Powder Fine. The Powder Fine variety is recommended for all batchwise (reduced) dyeing method. Supra Disperse/Microperle brands are specifically designed to give ultra fine dispersion characteristics and fast rates of reduction. They are of special value in the field of high speed continuous dyeing and are suitable for use by all leuco-dyeing techniques as also for all pre-pigmentation methods in exhaust dyeing.

Products' Name Colour C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents
Dayvat Yellow 2GN   Vat Yellow 1   Youhaothrene Yellow G
Dayvat Yellow GC   Vat Yellow 2   Orcovat Yellow GCN Pst
Dayvat Yellow 5G   Vat Yellow 2   Orcovat Yellow GCN Pst
Dayvat Yellow 4G   Vat Yellow 33   Indanthrene Yellow F3GL Paste
Dayvat Yellow G   Vat Yellow 46   Indanthren Yellow 5GF
Dayvat Golden Yellow RK   Vat Orange 1   Anthrasol Golden Yellow IRK
Dayvat Yellow 3R   Vat Orange 11   Novatic Yellow 3R
Dayvat Orange 3G   Vat Orange 15   Orcovat Orange 3G Pst
Dayvat Golden Orange 3GF   Vat Orange 29   Cibanon Orange 3GF
Dayvat Pink R   Vat Red 1   Indanthrene Brill Pink R
Dayvat Red 3B   Vat Red 10   Indanthrene Red FFB COLL
Dayvat Red 6B   Vat Red 13   Domanthren Red 6B
Dayvat Bordeaux IRR   Vat Red 15   Dycostliren Bordeaux 2R
Dayvat Violet 2R   Vat Violet 1   Brilliant Purple 4R
Dayvat Brill.Violet RR Ultra Conc   Vat Violet 1 60010 Brilliant Purple 4R
Dayvat Brill.Violet 3 B   Vat Violet 9 60005 Vat Brilliant Violet 3B
Dayvat Magenta B Power   Vat Violet 13 73395 Sandothrene Violet NBN
Dayvat Blue RS   Vat Blue 4   Indigosol Blue IRS
Dayvat Blue GF   Vat Blue 6   Sandothrene Liquid Blue NGR
Dayvat Blue BC   Vat Blue 6 69825 Sandothrene Liquid Blue NGR
Dayvat Navy Blue BR   Vat Blue 18 59815 Orcovat Navy Blue BR
Dayvat Dark Blue BOA   Vat Blue 20 59800 Orcovat Dark Blue BO
Dayvat Green FFB   Vat Green 1 59825 Jade Green FFB
Dayvat Brilliant Green BG 200%   Vat Green 1   Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
Dayvat Jade Green FFB Micro Fine   Vat Green 1 59825 Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
Dayvat Jade Green B Ultra Conc   Vat Green 1 59825 Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
Dayvat Jade Green 2G Highly Conc   Vat Green 2 59830 Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
    Vat Green 2 59830 Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
Dayvat Brilliant Green 2G   Vat Green 2   Navinon Jade Green 2G Paste
Dayvat Olive Green B   Vat Green 3 69500 Intravat Olive 2B Double Paste
Dayvat Olive B   Vat Green 3   Intravat Olive 2B Double Paste
DAYVAT BLACK BB   Vat Green 9 59850 Novatic Black NB
Dayvat Olive 2G   Vat Green 29    
Dayvat Direct Black SN   VAT BLACK 16 59855 Navinon Navy Blue G
Dayvat Grey 2 G   VAT BLACK 22    
Dayvat Olive T   Vat Black 25 69525 Sandothrene Liquid Olive NT
Dayvat Olive R   Vat Black 27 69005 Novatic Olive R
Dayvat Direct Black APB   Vat Black 38   Xuzhou Vat Black 38
Dayvat Black B   Vat Black 65   Cibanone Black B
Dayvat Black 2BA        
Dayvat Brown BR   Vat Brown 1   Orcovat Brown BR Pst
Dayvat Brown GR   Vat Brown 3   Orcovat Brown R
Dayvat Brown 2BR   Vat Brown 33   Cibanon Brown 2BR
Dayvat Brown RRD   Vat Brown 57   Intravat Brown HRR

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