Sulphur Dyes

We bring to our clients a variety of shades of sulphur dyes, that find wide application in varied industries for dyeing cellulose fibers, staple fibers and yarn. Our range of sulphur dyes are available in various colors like black, grey, deep black and many more. These are provided by us in durable and proper packaging to ensure sage delivery during transit.

Good overall colorfastness properties such as wash fastness , light fastness , perspiration fastness etc. Moderate fastness to crocking and poor fastness to chlorines bleaching agents such as bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite. Limited shade range to produce only dull shades and there is no true red dye in the range.These dyes can be applied by exhaust, semi continuous or continuous dyeing methods on garment , yarn , knits, fabric as well as loose stock etc.Available in powder , granules and liquid forms. Sulphur black 1 is the major black dye used world vide for dyeing of cellulosics.

Properties of sulfur dyes:
These are water insoluble dyes and have no affinity for the cellulosics as such, but solubilised when treated with a weak alkaline solution of sodium sulphide or any other reducing agent to form a leuco compound.These leuco compounds are water soluble and have affinity for the cellulosic materials such as cotton , viscose, jute and flex etc.


  • Dissolving the dyestuff
  • Reducing the dyes to form a leuco compound
  • Dyeing with the reduced dyes
  • Washing off the un exhausted dyestuff
  • Oxidation back to the parent dye

Generic Names
Sulphur Black
Sulphur Black 1
Solubitised Sulphur Black
Sulphur Black 1

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