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Dayglothol Range of Naphthols (Azoic Coupling Components)
Dayglothol are insoluble azo dyes applied to cellulosic fibres by impregnation in a Dayglothol solution and subsequent coupling with a colour salt. All cellulosic fibres such as cotton, linen, jute, hemp, as well as silk and rayon may be dyed or printed with Dayglothol. This method of dyeing yields a wide range of shades covering deep yellow, orange, scarlet, red, maroon, violet, brown navy and black the shades are brilliant and in general possess excellent fastness to washing, alkalis, acids and chlorine. Many combinations have very good fastness to light. The shades are also resistant to mercerizing, scrooping and cross dyeing in boiling acid solutions. However dyeing based on Dayglothol AS-G combinations and a few of the blue, violet, black and brown dyeings are also fast to peroxide bleach. Napthol - Fast Base Dyeing are also very widely used for African Print / Wax Print. Application in Textile dying and printing , Pigment manufacturing & Tie and dye industries Specialized Highly Purified Dayglothol for Pigments We are also having a complete range of Dayglothol as mentioned above in the most purified Form. These Dayglothol are produced in Glass-Line vessels, so that contents of the metal are almost nil. They have an excellent solubility and minimum insolubles. These highly purified Dayglothol are re-commended for the production of Pigments.

Sr. No. Generic Names C.I. No. Const. No
01 Dayglothol AS 37505 ACC 2
02 Dayglothol ASBR 37575 ACC 3
03 Dayglothol ASBO 37560 ACC 4
04 Dayglothol ASG 37610 ACC 4
05 Dayglothol ASSW 37565 ACC 7
06 Dayglothol ASITR 37525 ACC 8
07 Dayglothol ASE 37510 ACC 10
08 Dayglothol ASRL 37535 ACC 11
09 Dayglothol ASITR 37550 ACC 12
10 Dayglothol ASSG 37595 ACC 13
11 Dayglothol ASPH 37558 ACC 14
12 Dayglothol ASBS 37515 ACC 17
13 Dayglothol ASD 37520 ACC 18
14 Dayglothol ASOL 37530 ACC 20
15 Dayglothol ASKB 37526 ACC 21
16 Dayglothol ASLC 37555 ACC 23
17 Dayglothol ASOL/ASCA 37531 ACC 34
18 Dayglothol ASIRG 37613 ACC 44
19 Dayglothol - -

Fast Color Bases : (Azoic Diazo Component)
The Fast Colour Bases are very widely used in Textile Industry. Dyeing with Naphthols Fast Bases are more economical even compared to Reactive Dyes. Maroon, Blue, Yellow obtained with these products are not possible with any other Dyestuff. The Fastness Property of these products is excellent. Light Fastness is almost as good as 6-7 almost nearer to the Vat Dyes. Fast Colour Bases are also very widely used for African Print / Wax Print.We are also having highly purified pure grades of Fast Colour Bases wherein are the insoluble are absolutely minimum and these Fast Bases & Fast Blue are widely re-commended in the production of Pigments.Application in & Pigment Dispersions.

Sr. No. Generic Names C.I. No. Const. No
01 Fast Bordeaux GP Base 37135 ADC 1
02 Fast Orange GC Base 37005 ADC 2
03 Fast Scarlet GGS Base 37010 ADC 3
04 Fast Garnet GBC Base 37218 ADC 4
05 Fast Red B Base 37125 ADC 5
06 Fast Red GL Base 37110 ADC 8
07 Fast Red 3GL Base 37040 ADC 9
08 Fast Red TR Base 37085 ADC 11
09 Fast Scarlet G Base 37105 ADC 12
10 Fast Scarlet R Base 37130 ADC 13
11 Fast Scarlet RC Base 37130 ADC 13
12 Fast Red R Base 37120 ADC 18
13 Fast Red RC Base 37120 ADC 18
14 Fast Blue BB Base 37175 ADC 20
15 Fast Red KB Base 37090 ADC 32
16 Fast Red Base FRN 37075 ADC 33
17 Fast Red RL Base 37100 ADC 34
18 Fast Red ITR Base 37150 ADC 42
19 Fast Yellow GC Base 37000 ADC 44
20 Fast Blue B Base 37235 ADC 48

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