Daysperse - Disperse Dyes

Daysperse Range disperse dyes are a group of dyes characterized as medium and high-energy disperse types for the dyeing of polyester atmospherically with carrier, under high temperature/pressure dyeing, and continuous/thermosol dyeing. Some selected dyes in this range also offer excellent results when dyed on acetate. These are offered in both powder and liquid/paste forms. Unlike the lower energy Daysperse disperse dyes, these tend to have a larger molecular size, lower volatility, and hence, better sublimation properties. Daysperse disperse dyes are a specially selected group of disperse dyes characterized as low-energy disperse type. These exhibit excellent leveling characteristics and build-up at low temperatures on acetate, nylon, and differential dyeing of nylon. These are also used as an alternative to acid dyes on nylon offering excellent leveling properties for barre coverage with limited wash fastness in high concentrations. Daysperse disperse dyes can also be used for surface-dyeing plastics.

Products' Name Color C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents
Daysperse Golden Yellow GG   Disperse Yellow 56   Yellow SE-2FL
Daysperse Orange RL 200%   Disperse Orange 25   Disperse Orange FRL
Daysperse Yellow Brown 2RF   Disperse Orange 30   Orange S-2RFL 300%
Daysperse Scarlet RR   Disperse Red 54   Red S-3GFL
Daysperse Brown 3REL   Disperse Red 118   Palanil Brown 3REL
Daysperse Red 2B Conc.   Disperse Red 167:1   Samaron Red HBSL
Daysperse Red Violet FBL 200%   Disperse Violet 26   Violet HFRL
Daysperse Violet 3R   Disperse Violet 99   Pontamine Brilliant Violet B
Daysperse Navy Blue 2GL 200%   Disperse Blue 79 : 1   Samaron Navy Blue HGS
Daysperse Navy Blue RE   Disperse Blue 94   Palanil Navy Blue RE
Daysperse Blue SE2RI 200%   Disperse Blue 183   Blue SE-2B
Daysperse Navy Blue 8GG   Disperse Blue 291   Spectrum Blue 6G
Daysperse Brown 3RD   Disperse Brown 1   Brown S-3R

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