Smoke Dyes

Daysmoke smoke dyes are specialty colorants, available in powder and liquid form, and designed specifically for pyrotechnic colored smoke for use in distress signals, flares, military smoke cover grenades, sea markers & smoke locators, marine locators, aerial displays, and air shows. These highly concentrated dyes meet the physical requirements for many military standard specifications.

Products' Name Colour C.I.Name C.I.No. The Equivalents
Daysmoke Yellow EY
Daysmoke Yellow YC
Daysmoke Yellow 3G
Daysmoke Orange 3G
Daysmoke Red G
Daysmoke Violet BA
Daysmoke Blue AP
Daysmoke Green BGI

Typical uses for Dayglo Smoke Dyes include:

  • Signal smoke bombs and grenades
  • Marker buoys and distress flares
  • Attachments to aircraft towed target systems
  • Pyrotechnics for air shows, etc
  • Anti-theft smoke devices

The illustrated colors in the chart represent powder dye versions but Dayglo Color Corporation has made versions of these in liquid form upon request.

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