Dyestuffs for Coatings

Wood Stains, Industrial and Architectural Coatings, Hot Stamp and Foil Coatings.

Products' Name
The Equivalents
Dayglopon Yellow 2RLS
Solvent Yellow 62
Dayglopon Yellow R
Solvent Yellow 82
(BASF) Yellow 157
Dayglopon Yellow GL
Solvent Yellow 90
Dayglopon Yellow 2R
Solvent Orange 45
(ORIENT) Valifast Yellow 3108
Dayglopon Orange RE
Solvent Orange 54
(BASF) Zapon Orange 251
Dayglopon Orange RL
Solvent Orange 58
Dayglopon Orange R
Solvent Orange 99
(BASF) Zapon Orange 272
Dayglopon F Red GLS
Solvent Red 89
Dayglopon F Red G
Solvent Red 119
(BASF) Red 355
Dayglopon Red B
Solvent Red 122
(BASF) Red 335
Dayglopon Pink 5BLG
Solvent Red 127
Dayglopon Red 2BL
Solvent Red 132
(ORIENT) Valifast Red 3320
Dayglopon Red FB
Solvent Red 160
(BASF) Neopen Red 365
Dayglopon Blue 2GLN
Solvent Blue 48
Dayglopon Blue 3G
Solvent Blue 70
Neopen Blue 807
Dayglopon Black RE
Solvent S Black 27
(BASF) Black X 51
Dayglopon Black RL
Solvent S Black 29
(BASF) Black X 55
Dayglopon Brown 2RL
Solvent Brown 43
(IDI) Navipon Brown 2RL
Dayglopon Dark Brown 5R

Smoke Dyes

Typical uses for Dayglo Smoke Dyes include:

  • Signal smoke bombs and grenades

  • Marker buoys and distress flares

  • Attachments to aircraft towed target systems

  • Pyrotechnics for air shows, etc

  • Anti-theft smoke devices

The illustrated colors in the chart represent powder dye versions but Dayglo Color Corporation has made versions of these in liquid form upon request.